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US-Israeli Goals


The upcoming American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in May promises to be the largest, most opulent, well attended (over 60% of congress will attend) political conference in history. At this conference, where congressmen and women meet with the parties who are often their most prominent benefactors, more long-term domestic and foreign policy deals are cemented than on the hill itself.

The following quote from Ilan Pappe in 'Gaza in Crisis' demonstrates the sheer power of this lobbying force, and provides a secondary resource of scholarly opinion - "A thought-provoking article was published by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt (stating that) based on extended research .. AIPAC .. directs American (foreign) policy in a way that undermines the US national interest"-'Not since the '60's could one have come across such a harsh criticism of either Zionism or US policy from within the heart of American academia or the media'. Pappe also refers to a Newsweek article dated as far back as 1963, in which it was written that ‘AIPAC (is) one of the most effective networks of foreign influence’. It is quite evident that another forty-seven years has entrenched AIPAC ever more deeply into the pockets of congress, wielding its corrosive influence in foreign and domestic policy.

Regarding the American Israeli Policy Conference – (http://www.aipac.org/pc) Pappe states that ‘each such (conference) expresses unconditional (US) support for Israel's policy toward the Palestinians and anyone opposing this policy is immediately considered by AIPAC to be its enemy.’

‘Gaza in Crisis’ provides phenomenal research and detailed sources of how AIPAC has developed over the years to be the most influential bi-partisan (although I consider this term moot due to my belief that our corporatocracy is only packaged as a democracy) lobbying group in the history of the nation. While many see clearly the validity of this claim, its well chronicled history is invaluable in terms of validating and supporting the indignation one reaches as a result of witnessing the continued generational genocide of the Palestinian people.

Now, as the 2011 AIPAC '(US) Policy Conference' approaches, Obamabush has clearly demonstrated the position of his administration through his veto of the internationally supported UN resolution to stall the Israeli settlement process (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephen-zunes/obamas-veto-on-israeli-se_b_838060.html) (for history on the settlement process, see Lords of the Land - Idith Zertal/Akiva Eldar). This action, which flies in the face of his supporters, defies the wishes of the international community, and goes against the grain of everything on which he campaigned, surely solidified (in his mind and perhaps in the minds of his corporate handlers) the support of the most powerful foreign lobbyists in the world.

It has been widely established that the financial contribution by AIPAC to congressional aides and presidential candidates (http://www.opednews.com/articles/Time-to-Look-at-AIPAC-Cont-by-Ralph-Lopez-100603-774.html and http://www.wrmea.com/html/aipac.htm and http://www.wrmea.com/html/aipac.htm) over the past sixty years is only paled by the vast amount of financial and military support from the US to Israel in the reciprocal process (http://www.wrmea.com/component/content/article/245-2008-november/3845-congress-watch-a-conservative-estimate-of-total-direct-us-aid-to-israel-almost-114-billion.html).

With the aforementioned unconditional US support of Israel embroiling the US in deeper and more severe conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, one wonders what the US/Israeli ‘end game’ might be for the parties in the MENA region. One can only speculate, making as much of an educated and informed assessment as possible based on circumstances as they are, the economic, political, and military maneuvers of the past that can be used to identify patterns, and the self-proclaimed projected goals of the parties involved.

It is my assertion here that the short-term goal for the US and Israel is for Israel to maintain ‘public’ disengagement, dedicating its forces to the continued oppression of the Palestinians, while establishing expansion through ‘facts on the ground’ via the settlement process; meanwhile, in the short term, the US can continue its engagement in the region through its established and new wars and conflicts, developing a more defined regional disposition from which to maneuver in what appears to be a preparation for the mid-term goal, which I believe is to establish absolute US/Israeli and Saudi dominance in the region through an intensified conflict or war with Iran, which will then position all parties to achieve the ultimate long-term goal is nothing less than absolute global dominance – hegemony – which will be established over time through the continued process of neoliberal privatization of the globe, resulting in three classes; the wealthy elite, consumer markets, and those who serve the markets.

In the short-term, it is apparent that Israel will continue the settlement process while continuing to intimidate and harass Lebanon (daily flights over Lebanese airspace, border crossings to provoke confrontation, etc.), proliferate settlement throughout the greater Golan Heights area and continue to militarily threaten Syria and Jordan, while allowing both countries to destabilize, as this will serve Israel well to the end of achieving Israeli resettlement on both sides of the Jordan, as they believe it is their prophecy to reclaim and inhabit the entire region.

The primary phase of the underlying mid-term goal of US/Israeli policy is to undermine Iran's influence in the Middle East. This accomplished, will give way to a secondary phase of this goal, which is to give Israel, by using brute military force against its neighbors, the unchallenged dominating presence in the Middle East. This position is supported by the posturing and positioning of US incumbents, candidates, and alumni from both sides (and even the middle) of the fictitious US political aisle.

These goals are supported by Israel’s own declarations (see the links below) regarding their issues, the policy goals they expect to be achieved by the US, and by what they overtly state that the US must do to earn the wealth that has been spread by corrupt Israeli financial influence throughout the US government. Review the US/Israeli agenda for the upcoming years. Follow policy as it develops and watch how clearly it mirrors the agenda set forth by Israel and followed by the US.


The US and Israel have been for some time engaging in rhetoric concerning Iran’s desire to attain nuclear weapons with literal and metaphorical far reaching accusations; from Senator Joe Lieberman ‘highlighting the (nuclear) threat from Iran’ and US Ambassador and ‘Permanent Representative of the US’ to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Glyn Davies touting the ‘increasingly apparent military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program’ to the former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley threatening international economic sanctions against Zimbabwe for ‘suggesting’ that they might support Iran ‘in ways that violate UN Security Council Resolutions’. Meanwhile, Iran has opened its nuclear facilities to anyone at anytime for any type of inspection. One hears the sabers rattling in the same wind that blows in the cold chills of the hundreds of thousands of dead and dying Iraqi civilians that were murdered after the same saber rattled some years ago. If I were Iran, or any other country in the sites of the US and Israel, I would want to have nuclear weapons as well. Jonathan Schell points out in ‘The Seventh Decade’ that possessing ‘the bomb’ has apparently kept the US from invading anyone who has one for quite some time, while the very notion of an ‘enemy’ obtaining ‘the bomb’ has solidified the foreign policy of preemptive invasion .

These facts - the incredible influence of Israel in the US transnational neoliberal corporate global structure - parallel to the mid-term goal of undermining the regional influence of Iran, identify two things to any clear-minded objective observer:

1) The purpose of US actions in Libya (especially if you consider the tenuous position of US/Israel relations with the yet-to-be-established leadership in Egypt) and in other areas throughout the region serve to solidify the US position in the region to assist with the final thrust of power towards Iran; without going into too much detail, consider these points:

a. In Bahrain the US has scolded publically, while officially allowing US jets, tanks, and troops to ‘intervene’ under the Saudi Arabian flag. Remember that the Fifth Naval Fleet is already sitting in the Persian Gulf, so that small area can be kept fairly quiet while maintaining the capability to strike Iran at a moment’s notice from the gulf. The assertion that the US Fifth Naval Fleet is doing nothing while the world burns around them is nothing less than ludicrous.

b. It is verified that permanent US military bases have been established in Iraq.

c. The crumbling of Pakistan’s resistance in the Raymond Davis fiasco, its inability to effectively stop the US from murdering its citizens with drone attacks, and the fact that there is a military base located in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan, adjacent to the Pakistan border, fairly well establishes that there is significant long-term US military strength represented to the south of Iran.

d. Afghanistan has recently been subject to a steady build-up of US troops and bases.

e. The US has almost completed the transfer of a 60bn arms package, the largest in history, with Saudi Arabia. In July the US will begin training Saudi Arabian pilots in US fighter jets at the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.

f. The US is only intervening in areas that are strategic for military and/or (neoliberal) economic purposes (i.e., Egypt, which represents a vast market economy; hence, the US backed dictatorship, which could now translate to a neoliberal consumer ‘democracy’ unless the people hold their ground and are able to overcome the corrupt influence that has already worked its way into the revolutionary circle).

2) A US/Israeli armed conflict or war with (invasion of) Iran is imminent and it will need to be justified by some overt act of aggression.

a. While the US population is evidently unable to call its government to account, it is highly unlikely that the same population will consider that the logical cause of the impending conflict will be the immense aggression, the absolute terrorism, the generational genocide, the decimation of the population, the destruction of the infrastructure, that the US and Israel have exerted in the region over the last sixty years.

b. It is not unlikely that the US and Israel, now completing the achievement of surrounding Iran with troops, bases, naval fleets, and aircraft carriers, will engage in ‘military exercises’ in an attempt to draw Iran into a conflict; indeed, that is most likely what is happening behind the scenes in at least one or two of the regional conflicts.

i. If Iran does not react, which it most likely will not (having demonstrated recently by stepping far beyond necessary diplomatic measures that it chooses to remain disengaged from regional crisis), it would not be unlikely that there have already been contingent plans drawn for false flag operations such as the ones that took place in the Gulf of Tonkin and those that were drafted, albeit never carried out, in the Northwoods CIA plans. I know that false flag operations are considered fringe, and I avoid the fringe whenever possible, so please exercise due diligence and research the declassified documents that support both of these references.


Consider the economic destabilization of the public in the US and the UK over the last few years; the collapse and subsequent bailout of the financial markets, the unwillingness of the corporate market to reinvest in the economy, and now the destructive legislation that is being passed throughout the nation with the underlying ‘emergency’ and ‘crisis’ legislation that will grant state and municipal power to corporations. This process is accomplishing several things:

1) It is disempowering what semblance of democratic powers were left; the state and municipal authorities.

2) It is destroying the social infrastructure on which the poor and rapidly diminishing middle class would rely upon in the case of catastrophic economic collapse.

3) It is stripping the last vestige of powers in the form of unions that were earned through literal blood and sweat over more than one hundred years.

4) It is establishing the framework to remove the thin veil of what people believed was a democracy that has mutated over time into a plutocracy and now is in the final stages of becoming an absolute neoliberal corporatocracy. The finalization of this process, which will occur through the declaration of ‘emergency’ and ‘crisis’, be it economic or military, will complete the privatization of everything - including public education, social programs (which will be all but nonexistent as there is no profit in them), military, and government.

While this process is in place – with the vast majority of the people in the US and the UK embroiled in the fight to hold onto what rights they thought they had, grasping at apparitions of ‘democracy’, attempting to reconcile in their minds the truth of their new reality with the ideology on which they have staked their entire sociopolitical belief system – a ‘final war’ is being arranged; a war that will theoretically ‘end all wars. This war will finalize Zionism, with Israel realizing its prophetic return to its homeland http://www.aipac.org/25937.asp s being devised through the partnership of the global wealthy elite, and will be exercised through the corporate powers that they are putting in place as we speak.
At the end of the ‘war’, there will be a three tiered structure:

1) Wealthy Elite

2) Consumer (slave) markets – and this is where Neoliberalism fails – it establishes the elite, expecting the wealth to trickle down, while it destroys the infrastructure. When the wealth does not trickle down, the middle consumer market collapses and there is no social infrastructure to support it.

3) Economically oppressed servants of the consumer slave markets

The struggle in this plan is ours. The wealthy elite, the corporate oppressors, the bought and packaged politicians, the military industrial complex, the future municipal managers, are able already to slaughter millions across the globe without so much as a second thought. As the young men and women of our country, the vast majority of them from the ever diminishing middle class and the lower economically oppressed urban environments, are lured into war, they are forced to abandon their conscience and commit atrocious acts on behalf of this plan. If and when they return to their moral conscience, they are never the same. You and I are actors on the stage of the consumer slaves, sold into the daily onslaught of financial struggle while hoping to achieve the American dream; all the while, our government is acting in our name and exemplifying to the world that we are a country without a conscience. As we move toward the further destabilization of our economy, while the social infrastructure on which we have relied – which we have taken for granted – deteriorates under the systematic dismantling process that is in place, we move closer to playing out our final role in this plan. You see, this plan is going to take years, generations, to unfold. And as it does, we live and die in the struggle. It is our children and our grandchildren who will be called to die for the fight we did not fight. When the ultimate corporatocracy takes over, we will all be its subjects; and if we are not willing, we will be the insurgents, the terrorists. We will be the hunted, by drones, by the ‘most powerful killing machine in history’ (Dan Rather); and when I say we, I only hope that there is time that it might be us who fight the fight, that there might be time to fight the system from within the system; that we might return to our own morality, to our own conscience, and that we might understand that it is our responsibility to hold our government accountable, that it is our responsibility to stop the murder that takes place in our name, that it is the hope of a decent life for our future generations that rests upon the generations of those whom we do not stand for today.

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