Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pending Invasion of Libya


If and when the US decides to invade Libya, it will be done under the guise of democracy and humanitarianism. These young boys will, at that point, be labeled terrorists and insurgents. They will be systematically hunted and murdered with... no recourse. I pray the US does not invade Libya.

As we watch the democratic process stripped from mutiple states, setting the stage for overt takeover of US government by appointed corporations in states of 'crisis' and 'emergency', we must consider how all of this will come into play when our invading forces become so strained that our own young boys and men are ordered to 'defend' their country, while the ones actually defending our country are labeled terrorists and insurgents.

We are at a pivotal turning point in history. Over the past couple of days I've been blatantly attacked her on FB and have absorbed an onslaught of verbal insults, names, profanity, etc. The tone of this 'communication', the tendency toward derision, the absolute disregard for objective consideration or the application of logical intelligence, clearly mirrors the arrogant, prideful, hateful, and dangerous position of the corporate media, which echoes the neoconservative political/military/corporate elements in our government.

These are the same elements that support an imperialistic invasion of another country in the MENA region, continued murderous onslaught in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and sending another 20 billion in economic and military support to the murderous government of Israel.

These are also the same elements that are systematically setting the playing field to finalize the corporatization of the American government, strip the democratic rights of the American public, and establish absolute power over our society by solidifying the economic divide between the elite and the working class. Our taxes will be used to develop the infrastructure for the corporate monopolies, while the profits from the market will benefit only the wealthy elite. Social programs will continue to be sacrificed and the marginalized groups that do not contribute to the profit scheme will be disenfranchised and set into a form of servitude that will be nothing less than enslavement.

This corporatization already includes the military, with more than 25,000 private corporate troops already stationed in the MENA region, which means that there is no nationalism, no patriotism, other than that which you are ordered to obey and that to which you are ordered to pledge your undying support.

This is not a partisan issue. This is not a problem that can be solved by 'voting for the other guy'. It's gone beyond that. The corruption is so deeply systemic and the poisonous corporate influence has so thoroughly saturated our government, that the legislation that is being shoved down the throats of the American public is setting the stage for a profit driven, greed lusting facism that has never before been experienced.

As we watch our government prepare to murder more young boys on the battlefields of other countries, prepare yourselves to witness the transition of semantics from 'boys' and 'early teens', to 'terrorists' and 'insurgents', and prepare to see what the US is practicing abroad finally find its way home to the battlefields that are being prepared in the US.

Bianca Says:

Lol! Sometimes, you guys mistake socialism as being a bad thing. Believe it or not, I felt equally related to more than 85% of the people that lived in my town. The only elite was the government. The only RESPECTED population were teachers,... doctors, lawyers, police officers, judges and local government personnel. And honestly, it was not their money we respected. They weren't richer than the rest of us. We respected their callings and their professions. I don't see anything wrong with respecting such callings and professions. Additionally, we din't necessarily venerate this people as being supernatural either. Yes, there was no freedom of speech, there was no democratic presidential election process and there was no freedom of coming and going out of the country. Yes, we got the crappy goods and services, and the better goods and services were dedicated to export, but there wasn't really such a thing as the elite. Yes, towards the end he starved us, left us without heat, electricity and water. That's when it was time for him to go. (I don't think the American people have a reason to revolt, or to ask for the current political system to be changed!!!) I want to go back in time and live under a socialist, or worse...communism, hell no. But if you are asking the government to control Corporate America and the amount of money the elite has, what are you asking for? I would never ask our government to dictate how much money somebody can make. I'm asking only that they invest some money in our low income citizens, which are maaaany! I sure would not want to experience an uprising, a revolt or a war. Call me a pacifist, because I would never advocate forceful action. I don't advocate a shouting match. Why can't we just talk about our issues and differences?


The question of whether US citizens have a 'reason' to revolt is very subjective, and has to be answered in terms relative to the context of the question; for example, what would be 'just cause'? Here are a few considerations:

1. That our government is systemically corrupt.
2. That our government is not transparent in terms of foreign or domestic policy.
3. That our budgets are stripped by exorbitant waste and mismanagement while our social programs are in decay.
4. That our representative government no longer represents the will of the people.
5. That we are not given actual choice in terms of types of governance.
6. That corporate contributions to political parties have turned our two-party system into a 'choice' between one or the other, while they both represent the same corrupt organization(s).
7. That our government is involved in overt and covert military operations that butcher and murder innocent people throughout the world.
8. That our government has so marginalized the majority that there is no such thing as true representative government.

If we measure our value, worth, or expectations on the actions or circumstances of other countries, we can always find something that is or was worse than what we are. If we tell ourselves that to ask for anything better is utopian and we should be satisfied with what we have because we have a Taco Bell in every city, can drive 8 mpg suv's and live in mortgaged houses while paying off the interest on our credit card debt and watching the world burn on corporate news - if we base the value of the government on the consumer mentality by which we are expected to be controlled - If we do all these things, then yes, we should sit back and enjoy our 'freedom', because our very definition of the word is something that requires no true moral disposition of any gravity to hold its place in our lives. And this is the position of the vast majority of Americans; if you can throw a dollar at it and remove it from your conscience, then you have 'made a difference'.

But this is not who we are called to be. We have created a position in the world that has caused us to be highly visible and we have asserted ourselves in ways that cause us to be called to account for our actions. We have done things that are reprehensible in the name of democracy and humanitarianism and we should, as a society, expect ourselves to be held accountable and expect our country to raise its expectations and to act in the best interests of humanity. We must ask ourselves why we allow the our position of great influence to be wasted and to be made a blight in the eyes of countries throughout the world.

These concerns, combined with the theft of our democracy by the corporate structure that we actually bailed out from the crimes they committed that left the country on the verge of financial collapse leaves us in a position where we had best begin to hold our government accountable and demand that we are given true choice - greater than what is represented by our 'representative' government - or the actions that our government takes throughout the world are going to finally cause other countries to ask very logical questions - 'If you had such great choice, then why did you choose to let your country treat others - your Arab, Asian, and Latin American brothers and sisters, for example - with such contempt? Why did you choose to allow mass murder to take place in your name over decades and on every continent? Why did you choose to allow your government to starve millions of Africans and Hatians while you chose to allow your government to spend billions of dollars on war? Why?

Regarding socialism, communism, and capitalism - we are called to a time like no other, and yet a time that is similar to others in that it is a time where we find ourselves on a pivotal axis that should cause us to objectively consider that the ultimate type of governance has not yet been achieved; indeed, it probably has not even yet been conceived. There is a form of social democracy that could serve us far better than what we have. It must derive of a motive that is greater than profit and equal to all of humanity. It is based on the cumulative value of all resources and is not based on financial wealth. It is based on the principle that there are enough resources to support the world and that they do not belong to anyone, yet belong to everyone. It is based on a concept of inclusive governance. It is based on the able and just contribution of all, with the understanding that the overall value of a society is based on how well it serves its poor and its ill, how well it heals rather than kills, how well it grows rather than destroys. It is based on the concept that the military is a tool, not a weapon; that it is there to serve humanity in a protective role and that it should never, no matter what the circumstance, be allowed to attain a position of rule. It is based on a system of justice that considers the fact that there is good and there is evil and that there is a way to know the difference, that there is a baseline morality beyond religious, ethnic, and political persecution. It is based on a judicial system that is global and that is universal, and that serves all of humanity by the same standards; that there is no country or ruler, or government that has the right to veto its collective mandate.

Until we open our minds and expand freedom of choice to a point where it considers these truths, then we have no true choice at all, other than the choice that is cast upon us by the elite who expect the ninety-nine percent of humanity to bend to their will.

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