Monday, March 28, 2011

Nicholas Sterner (90)

Nicholas Sterner (90)

I attempt to stay away from the fringe, as most often events that are considered fringe require more attention to and gain more legitimacy from a focus given to the (mis)management of the actual (widely acknowledged) event. I had posted or written something relating to this topic last week, was met with skepticism from several people, so wanted to validate the source. Here is one of many. It was also announced on Dec. 10, 2010.

FB Response

Sure! Let's bring some more Saudi's into our country AND teach them how to fly war planes. After all, look what happened when they learned how to fly commerical jets here~ It changed our country and the world forever.

My Reply

If the purpose of the US in the MENA region was hopeful, helpful, humanitarian, I would say let's train, support, do anything we can to assert ourselves in the region in an effort for all humanitarian purpose - but our goal there is anything but humanitarian - it is hegemonic. Saudi Arabia represents the largest disparity between the (minority) ruling elite and its citizenry - the people are ruled by one of the most oppressive regimes in the region, a regime that, along with Israel, maintains 'stability' in the region with an iron (US) fist.

If you consider that the (alleged) 9/11 boxcutter carrying 'terrorists' came from a family within the ruling Saudi elite, that members of that family were ushered out in the only flights that took place in the three days after 9/11, then you must wonder why the US government would embark on such a plan as training Saudi pilots in America.

I'm not going to go down the path of trying to explain 9/11; there have been plenty of people who have done that. I'll simply get in line with Noam Chomsky and say (paraphrase, of course) 'Fine, let's accept the given story line on 9/11 and focus on how it was managed.' A crime of global proportions and no investigation. A crime of global proportions in which the 'investigators' fly out the most probable witnesses within 72 hours of the crime, not questioning or interrogating, etc. A crime of global proportions to which we responded by murdering (by now) hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, thus creating (perhaps rightfully, but most certainly understandably) more terrorists than there ever were.

Regardless of who committed the crime of 9/11, the US government has proven in innumerable ways that it can commit more acts of terror than any individual or any government anywhere (or everywhere) and at any time in history. I think what I find most appalling about the plan to train these pilots in Idaho is that it is the acknowledgement of our government that the story line on 9/11 is a lie; if it weren't, there is no chance we would even consider this plan. No, this is simply a horrific slap in the face of the (willingly ignorant) American public that we are going to maintain the awful oppressive alliance and that what we are doing is solidifying our presence in the region; we are saying that whatever is necessary, the people of Saudi Arabia and those of the surrounding countries will be crushed if necessary by the US and its emissaries, Saudi Arabia and Israel. What we are saying is that the reign of US terror will continue.

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