Thursday, March 24, 2011


One could easily draw the assumption that the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have been preparing for the instability in the MENA region for some time. In recent months, the US has completed the sale of $60bn in arms sales to SA and has approved another $20bn to Israel (in addition to the $10bn per year already granted).

If anyone thinks that the US Fifth Naval Fleet in Bahrain - with Iran directly across the Gulf, Yemen to the south, Iraq to the North - is going to sit idle with Saudi using US weaponry to crush the rebellion, they are wrong. The US has boots on the ground in every country mentioned, not to include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and so many others.

The end game is coming. Israel is preparing another major offensive in Gaza, while having deployed troops elsewhere in the region. The US is poised to strike, having ensured that the region is rife with weaponry, thus solidifying regional instability, while Britain and France now prepare to re-engage. We are watching the door open to widespread genocide against the people of the MENA region, all done beneath the premise of humanitarianism and democracy.

Prepare, America, for the declaration of a state of emergency, for new actions that will deliver a fresh dose of fear, and for the expectation that the US public will remain as they have been for so many decades - complacent, apathetic, and complicit.

If American citizens want to truly stand for humanitarianism, then it must be done from grass roots efforts, with feet on the street, from a position of active protest. This cannot be done from the stadium seats that have been filled with the complicit citizens of every imperialist, colonialist, hegemonic society in history. We must empty the stands, take the field, and stand for the brotherhood of humanity that is being taken over in the final throes of inhumanity, given over to the wealthy elite neoliberal neoconservatives.

Do not believe in the democrat/republican lie - if ever there was proof that American democracy is a sham, it is in the form of Barak Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan. Do not sell out humanity, believing you have exercised your 'choice' because you have 'voted'. The next politician, packaged to present just the bells, whistles, ribbons, and bows that you think will appease your appetite for true change, will divide us just as they all have and will cause us to fight amongst ourselves while they continue to murder in our name.

Listen to Ali Rizvi - hear his resounding cry for the mothers of murdered children, of the children of raped mothers and murdered fathers, for the brothers of lost brothers, for the whole of humanity that is being butchered in the name of humanitarianism, for the dictators that are being supported in the name of democracy, for the plutocracy and corporatocracy that is enslaving humanity.

If we are to become anything other than cattle to slaughter, either literally through the savage butchery occuring throughout the MENA region right now, by the generational genocide that has taken place for decades in Central America, South America, and Asia, or by the consumerism that turns the mass world audience of spectators into nothing less than complicit killers, then we must act.

Please donate accordingly, but do not fall victim to the belief that money will fix these problems. Money, for the most part, with its inherent greed and avarice, is the problem. The spiritually deficient motive of profit over the spiritually compassionate empathetic motive of brotherhood is the problem that must be addressed. The voices must rise. The throngs of humanity must be seen. The earth must shake with the steps of the millions. Share this, move forward, rise up. Tahrir.

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