Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Racism III Discussion Continued

It's just so much... (78)

Tyrone Miller
Nicholas Sterner, You must write book on this, because you have alot of insight to the way this country should be ran, and I want to think you for making everything so clear, I respect your opinion on this matter, and that is what we need in this country, someone who knows that we must each other out if we want to suceed, we have a long ways to go but if we work together we can get er done.

thanks Tyrone - It seems sometimes as though we're losing more ground than we're gaining, but I believe it's only through dialogue that is honest, transparent, and engaging that we can truly make progress!

I like the way you think, I too am in the prosess of trying to do diffent things with myself, because as I see it, we must do the best that we can to make sure we have a foture in this country, it seems that if we don't stop all this infigh...ting with our neighbors we won't survive, I have seem this country fall apart bit by bit and it seems like nobody cares anymore, I was in the Veitnam war, and when I come back home, things were good for me, I was able to get a job right out of the service, buy a home, raise a family, and take fishing trips when ever I felt like it but now I can't even fill my Tahoe up, because the gas has gotten so high that it makes me sick, I am sadden by what I see this country going through and it seems to me that the rich are getting so money hungry that they are sucking the life right out of this country, some body with some brains need to step up and lead this country back to the days when you could go do what ever you wanted to do.

I often anticipate or try to predict what the opposing view might be, even try to look at it objectively to see if perhaps my vision is skewed - I was doing just that this morning while I was out running and came up with this:

It's the same as it's been for some time. We can find ways to function and operate, perhaps even successfully, within the corporate environment of America, but the one thing we must always be willing to do is to look the other way. We must be willing to sacrifice our social conscience to the degree that we avoid any connection to our responsibility to stand up against injustice, to be the voice of dissent and to hold our government accountable for the genocide that is committed not only upon others, but upon our own people. The process by which we commit genocide upon our own people is through war, economics, education, and inadequate medical care, just to name a few. And we are at a major turning point. Once again it will be the ability to divide that will be utilized to keep us from uniting. If we allow this to take place, we will not achieve developing a consensus, a united voice, that provides for an effective medium through which we can channel our mutual goals. We must turn off the mainstream news and listen to the deeper voice that commands us to stand together, to believe in the power that the people possess if the people will actually commit to possessing the power in a unified effort to wield it effectively. We must avoid the fringe radicalization that empowers fringe radicalization from the other side, because the fringe radical elements on the right are in possession of the money, the mililtary, and the might that is taking over through the corporatization of our political structure. If we are divided and allow the issues over which we are divided to escalate into conflict, the conflict will be the issue raised by the right to mobilize the power, causing us then to be faced with a different choice - between peaceful demonstration or nonpeaceful response to militarized intervention in the conflict. At this point we become splintered rather than divided - and in many ways that is where we find ourselves today - managed through the splintered filters of religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and more. If we are able to recognize that all of this division is the device of the propaganda machine, the very same type of device utilized so successfully in Hitler's Germany, we can begin to unify by casting aside the divisive nature and embracing the collective nature. These are just some candid thoughts around the issues of separation and division - propaganda and the need to create valid messaging - identification of cause and development of a process to affect true change.

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