Monday, March 14, 2011

Racism - A FB Discussion 03142011

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The current frontal assault on the poeple of our country by the corporate american political machine is institutional racism that is about to go on hyper-drive.

One... component that magnifies and intensifies the tragedy is the one which follows the trend that developed through the annihilation of indigenous peoples for centuries; an instructive example of this is the period wherein there were periodic potential unified uprisings of black slaves, white indentured servants, and native americans. During these times, the government devised and implemented plans to separate them through economics. It worked and most of the whites willingly followed the quest and bought into the racist genocidal process.

As I stated (and as most of us are hopefully aware), this process occurred over centuries and on various continents, becoming ever more refined as it went on, and continued into the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries here. Finally, slavery in its established form (not, however, in the literal form that still pervades institutionally, indivdually, and on a generational level) ended up being abolished only because the people forced the issue; it did not come from the government down - nothing good ever does. Abraham Lincoln said (paraphrased, of course) "If I can keep the union together without freeing one slave, I'll do it." He couldn't.

The government is the institutional tool through which we are to manage the people's consent; when we become complacent and allow our consent to be managed through religious, racial, ethnic, national, social, and economic filters, the process of government is corrupted as we allow the government to manage us, thereby reversing the intended process; doing this, we end up where we are now.

As we move ahead - looking back to consider where we have been - cognizant of that which has been learned and that which has not - we must not allow ourselves to become the arbiters of ignorance.

Wisdom would require that we recognize both the abundance of unity and the tendency toward inherent racism that is veiled by the unified cause; when we are unable to recognize racism within ourselves, we fail to see it in the institutions that placed it there.

The institutional racism I referred to above is about to take hold if we allow our government to move through the finalization of the corporatization of our political structure. If this occurs, the social infrastructure, the economic programs for the poor, public education, public medical services, and more will be taken, as there is simply no profit in it. This process will catapult us into a position of servitude wherefrom the corporation, thinly veiled through our political structure, will implement a form of characteristic racism that has been alive and well in our country for centuries. The economic divide will cross racial lines and will evaporate the social infrastructure while enveloping systematic and continual warfare that swallows generation upon generation, providing for a systemic enslavement of ninety-nine percent of the population to serve the top one percent. This has been practiced for centuries, but the final experiment is being solidified in a political body that is going to reverse any progress we have made as a society. To break this chain will be more difficult than ever before in history, as the militarization of the corporate political structure is in place and will keep us grinding for the bare fabric of survival.

It is for these reasons that we must grasp what progress we have made and embrace the unity that we can muster. As someone here so eloquently stated 'the millionaire on television has no reason to be honest' - and that millionaire wears so many different cloaks, each one representing the filter through which our souls are purchased.

If we remove the object of our faith, and walk in faith alone, the object will find us; it is purpose that must unite us, and it is truth that must hold us together.

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