Friday, March 18, 2011

Totalitarian Democracy

Totalitarian Democracy

Interesting how indoctrinated the 'right wing' is, causing them to draw from a piece of work such as this that all 'left wing' 'liberals' believe that absolute socialism is the only answer to confront the concept of the lusting avarice of the neoliberal mindset.

This article doesn't recommend in any way that our society should be absolutely socialistic; it does, however, assert that it is not necessary to take away the collective rights of the people to feed into the hands of the corporate structure that has hijacked our political system.

The very fact that there is such a defensive leap to NAZI'S and socialism makes quite clear how completely radicalized the neoliberals have become. It is their very assertion that the 'communists' or 'socialists' want to take over the world that rationalizes and justifies the continued destruction of our social infrastructure while raping our social trust fund (taxes) to hand it out to the wealthy elite.

They will also justify the quest for hegemony that feeds the hunger for the lives of those of other race, ethnicity, nationality and anyone else who might stand with a different opinion; too easy to label them and justify their murder by saying they are NAZI's.

Think. The closest comparison I can make to NAZI's in our society today is the facist corporate military political complex that spends our tax dollars on invading countries that never posed a threat and murdering civilians throughout the world. I must observe, however, that unlike the NAZI's, the US never invades a country that could actually defend itself. I suppose that's considered protecting our assets.

All in time, all in time. The elite have what they have and piss on everyone in the process, insult anyone who thinks anything outside of their doctrine, and thereby never engage in a process that would result in mutually beneficial solution. These types of people have been here before. And they will go the way of the past. Revolution has a voracious appetite when those consumed turn the tables on the pigs of the world.

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