Thursday, April 14, 2011

Israel Grants Settlers Gun Licensing; a Conversation

Tel Aviv - PNN - Israel's Public Security Ministry, after weeks of crafting a new policy on the issue, has decided to give preference to settlers in gun licensing. The justification of the move is that any citizen living in a "danger zone" must receive preference from ther state in request of security measures.

‎'Tis the continued process of the legalization, nay, the encouragement and subsequent reward, for the genocide of the Palestinian people: Creating a completely complicit society, turning childrens' eyes to darkness, creating the prospect o...f profit as the only form of hope, fanatical 'prophecy' morphed into a policy of murderous 'promise', bloodlust to patriotism, pillage to pioneering, while politically patronizing the population of the wold with the rhetorical propaganda of peace.

FB Reply:

Nicholas: Weren't those also the goals of the Nazis? Because I see chilling and very twisted parallels there...just makes me shudder.

My Reply:

It truly is terrifying, and Thomas, I absolutely agree. And what is even more frightening to me is the global political consensus of the wealthy elite, the empowered fraction of the population that holds within its grasp this moment in time where it seems almost poised, with its vast military superiority, to capture the world's population through its neoliberal economic system.

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