Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Embrace the Rain

Try to hear just one drop of rain, as it lands with a whisper of truth, trickling down the window pane, a tear that has fallen to share this moment alone with only you.

There are times when actual pain, deep and physical, finds its way through the conduit of experience, past the gateway of emotion, and floods the mind, the body, and the spirit.

The pain is so true, so absolutely overpowering, that it seems to reach the very depth of your soul, tearing through your physical being, eradicating all promise and vanquishing all hope.

You subconsciously attempt to confine it as it wells inside to the point where it may no longer be contained.

As the clouds gather, the sky darkens, and the pain swirls in a conundrum of anguish, anger, sorrow, and bereavement, threatening to break past the confining walls of reason until it bursts through your constricted throat like whitewater through a weakened dam.

Tears are inconsequential, this pain is so real; there would be something within them that would denote belief, something of faith that you cannot find and for which you can no longer maintain the desire to search.

The choice of standing upon the mountain of veiled truth fades, the vulnerability that long lay beneath the surface is exposed, the conscious mind abandons its false strength, and the hollow ground beneath you collapses.

The unique components of self, the deceitful defense mechanisms that have developed over time, no longer concealed in expectation of survival, cast your eyes to the ground.

Broken wings give way to trembling, your mind breaks free of the shackles of feigned security, and you tumble downward through the chasm of perceived loss.

Shattered upon the floor of the valley of your soul, it seems you find yourself encased in one final wish; that you have at last found a resting place from which there will be no return.

Within this wish, from before it, beyond it, and yet through it, your senses are drawn to a portal, across the valley of despair, toward the world outside yourself.

This is but a fraction of a moment, and it delivers a sound, so soft that it is barely audible, so faint that it calls upon your memory like an echo from an ancient, almost forgotten, past.

A reflection, a hue of gentle, indirect, blue light strains the eyes as though commanding from both within and without to be beheld.

These fragments of sound and light have drawn their way through the darkness and landed upon a shaded pane of inner glass, a window upon which your deepest inner self is reflected and through which you find the acceptance of your pain.

Through the harmony of your senses a single drop of truth trickles down your inner window pane, calling to itself the tears from deep within that you have for so very long contained.

The sky swells, the clouds burst, and purge the ocean of your soul; the dam within you breaks, the walls crumble, and you are forever and yet never more alone, as you embrace the rain.

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