Friday, April 8, 2011

Anonymity and Accountability

The new AA - Anonymity and Accountability - this could be the corporate politician's AA support group - they demand the former and refuse the latter.

The most convenient thing is that it doesn't matter that there isn't any accountability, that they are misleading, and that the positions they take turn out to be false. The reason it doesn't matter is that unaccountable, misleading, false representation reflects the very values by which they are supported.

Greed and avarice do not go well with accountability, truth, and transparency.

And it isn't necessarily a matter of left or right, democrat or republican; it is a matter of a corrupt system that promotes and rewards dishonesty and corruption. Our motive as a nation is profit. The number one profitable product is the result of a corrupt political system that is driven by profit and the quest for hegemony; and that product is war.

It should be no surprise to anyone to see our social infrastructure dismantled and our civil liberties abandoned as we revert back to a society of institutional economic oppression, sexism, and racism. These are very real and serious circumstances, but we did not arrive here overnight. We were brought here by being divisive and by allowing our government to pit us against each other, while they engaged in neoliberal economic movements, depleting our labor product, exporting our jobs, and opening up international markets through 'free trade' agreements and war.

We are now in the final stages of the process, which is evident as the polarized public is drawn into the battle between left and right. In the interim, our domestic problems distract us from our blatant war crimes and vice versa.

It should be evident to everyone that our government 'representatives', our 'servants', are impotent at best and are corporate puppets at worst. Elections are stolen, lies regarding our domestic and foreign policies are laid out by our mass media in a manner that guides us willingly to our corresponding ‘side’, causing us to fall in line behind our corrupt government, believing that we can change the system from within.

It is apparent that the past one hundred years have taught the wealthy elite some very valuable lessons. We are controlled by fear and division. And while we are now in the throes of division, we should be prepared to be plagued by fear; financial 'crisis' and 'emergency' on the domestic front, and 'national security' on the foreign policy side.

Our value, our labor product, is no longer needed. Enough slave markets have been created beyond our borders that our unions can be stripped bare, our social treasure trove can be given to the wealthy elite, and we are rendered defenseless.

We find ourselves in a position where we must gauge our social strength not relative to our political strength, but by the degree to which we, as a public, see through the veil of government hypocrisy.

The progressive movement wants change, sees social values and the social infrastructure as primary, while the conservative movements still believe in the capitalistic values driven by profit. The progressives desire honesty, transparency, and peace while the conservatives thrive on the concept of strength over weakness, profit over loss, and war over peace.

The most frightening absolute fact is that the money and power is on the conservative side, and the window for true revolution, for true change, is closing. When this window closes - when we find ourselves on the other side of crisis and emergency, with election upon election being stolen, with representatives that do not represent the majority consensus, it will be too late. When at last we are able to unite rather than divide, the emergency and crisis to which we have acquiesced will have left us in the stranglehold of a corporatocracy that shows all too well that social wellbeing holds no relative value.

If we are to be able to change our system from within, we must first recognize the ill nature of our predicament and we must be prepared to call our politicians to account; we must be prepared to demand service from our servants and true representation from our representatives. We must be willing to call a thief a thief, a murderer a murderer, and we must demand justice. We must be willing to apply these principles to our domestic and foreign policies. We must vacate the corrupt houses of the wealthy elite corporate politicians, we must disengage militarily, and we must reassess as a nation where we wish to place our values for the future.

Continued lust for profit, a completely divided progressive movement, and a balance of the remaining population steeped in complacent apathy will leave us lamenting this moment of necessity, this pivotal moment of opportunity.

At the very top, within the circles of the wealthy elite, the left and the right are united, they are working together. They are profiting on our division and they are literally and figuratively banking on our ignorance. They have managed our consent and have played on our division like attorneys in a heated divorce where there are significant assets at stake. At the end of the day, the family is torn to shreds and the attorneys are at a local establishment tipping glasses in congratulations to one another for their corresponding roles in the perverse charade.

Even as I write this, I hear the acknowledgement of the truth mixed with the retreat of the powerless. I hear the indignant rage of the right and the hopeful marching of the left. It is likely that we will continue down the path of division and that the legacy will pass to the next generation. I only hope they are wiser than we have been and that we have at least prepared them well.

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