Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Goldstone Report - A Work In Progress


This is not easy to watch, but it is the truth from which we turn our eyes daily that allows us to betray our own conscience.

The Goldstone Report chronicles the UN investigation into one event that... took place over one winter; it does not include the beginning of the genocide in 1948 and the literally hundreds of thousands of deaths that have taken place at the hands of Israel, with the consent of the US and with US weapons and finance.

Look upon the poverty, look upon the bodies of dead children, bullet holes through the chest, through the head. Understand just how hollow empathy and compassion look and feel through the veiled distance of photos and videography. What is the active process of faith when the overwhelming sense of powerlessness takes hold; where does the path begin from there to a better tomorrow.

In our name, for what? Get lost in the political, religious, ethical values and find yourself diving to the surface for a tree beneath which you might evade the glaring heat of scorching reality. There is only a voice - one - that is yours, it is mine - it is theirs. If we believe that this can be done in our name and that there is no spiritual retribution, then let us bury our shame in that belief and cry out in indignant rage that we carry forth the lie of the generations before us and burden the spirit of our children with the very same lie.

No. Let us swallow hard and speak the truth to those who might hear. Let us bear the fleeting glances of those who will not engage in even the conversation as to how our collective soul has lost its courage to stand. Let us cast our votes in the process of a lying democracy, because we must, albeit for the lesser of two evils. But let us not give in to the corporatocracy that feeds this warmongering machine of hateful profit.

Let us actively seek to change the system from within the system as we may, but understand that we must harden the spirit in preparation to stand one day with those who fall beneath the crushing weight of our silence today.

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