Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weeping Rage

Sign the death, send the bomb, child crying out
Death leap of faithless mercenary, forceful mercy

Picture paint the truth, fire claim tied down
insurgent armed, innocence burnt


Reigned down upon ascendent sky of darkness
Born of light, child threat, faceless victim


Protect us from ourselves, weeping eyes rage worn today

I've sworn to breathe a sigh of apathetic prideful lust
into the light, victim thrust

With shame upon the predator, shed to hopelessness in vain
we trust no one we believe we disdain

We love

We are compassion

Tyrannical democracy, humanitarian lie

Slumber nightmare
calm chaos sweet despair

Let go of holding onto anything that is right
for what is wrong is there before your eyes

If you simply drink the pain

Know that there is nothing left of all that you've believed
Cast your vote one last time
exercise your freedom spend your dime

Drive your car
Smell the sweet lilacs on the plain
and know that somewhere far away someone is dying in your name

and you might then enjoy the smell of beef
and sweet taste of genetically modified hybrid corn

Tomorrow is the yesterday of someone's just rebellion

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