Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Weakness of Managed Dissent

If, out of fear, attachment to false security, or addiction to consumerism, we refuse to take our labor away from those who capitalize from it, we have relinquished all rights to the value that derives of our labor.

If we expect to labor, handing the wealth earned from it, to the elite, then we should never expect for it to trickle down, for it is perceived that it is handed down, like a dog that works, hunts, and kills and then waits beneath the table for the scraps to begrudgingly be handed down from the masters.

But we are not dogs and we have earned the wealth of our labor, only to be left with no social programs to serve our poor, no medical care without significant loss of wages, no housing if we fall to injury or illness. And those who would call our savings ‘entitlements’ are those who we have willingly handed the wealth of our labor; they enslave and imprison, they ask of us to sacrifice our children to their wars of profit and greed.

We must withhold our labor. We must withhold the tangible asset that we own by the very right of every breath, every beating of every heart, and we must demand that the wealth earned from it is distributed not upward or downward, but laterally, that we might exemplify the values and morals of a just people – that we might provide education and healthcare, promise and opportunity, for the far reaching diversity of social existence.

We must not allow our educational institutions, law enforcement, militaries, agriculture, healthcare, and other resources to be further privatized, for it is through privatization at the expense of the laborers that we will be told there is no profit in providing social programs and security for the laborer, for children, and for the vulnerable.

It is time to call the bluff of the wealthy elite and to stop the churning of the machine that enslaves humanity. We must force the hand of might and brutality to crack its whip, to engage its military, and to show itself for what it is. We must never allow our dissent to be managed as it currently is.

If we ask the master if we might be allowed to demonstrate, if we might be allowed to speak before the assembly, if we might be allowed to distribute our message, if we might be allowed to protest – then our demonstrations are nothing more than a demonstrable tool of a feigned democracy, our voice is nothing but a silent scream of a dying child amidst the grinding and whining of the death machine, our message is washed away by propaganda before it ever reaches the minds and hearts of those it would benefit, and our protest is in vain.

Dissent managed is dissent silenced. A strike within the constraints of the masters’ structure is a strike that ensures the failure of its cause. A protest within the masters’ permitted constraints is a protest that surrenders its cause.

Defiance that is utilized as a tool to show the masters’ tolerance is not defiance at all. It is these watered

down forms of ‘revolt’ that we accept as the process by which we ‘demand’ change; and it is, indeed, change that we get, for our managed dissent, our token defiance, our whispering voices give way give way to the continued

constriction of the wealthy elite’s hands around the throat of society.

If we continue to allow our dissent to be managed, then we might as well surrender our causes and wait for our Orwellian ‘ten minutes of hate’ as we take our daily break at the consumer trough; we might as well drag the kill of the hunt, the harvest of the crops, back to the masters and continue to cower beneath the masters' feast table and await our scraps.

If we wish to take control of our destiny, however, then we need to relinquish only our fear, our veiled security, our addiction to consumerism, snatch our labor and the value thereof from the wealthy elite and demand in truth that they show the brutality they would use to keep the wheels churning.

It is then that we will rise and recognize the machine of social destruction for what it is and it is then that we will realize our strength in unity and it is then that we will access the resource of that strength and begin the battle for true change.

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