Monday, July 11, 2011

Conspiracy, Collusion, and Collaboration -

There is no doubt that Israel and the US have conspired over the past decade (at least) to create instability in the MENA region. Yes, I used the 'c' word, conspiracy. A more pointed word might be collusion, and perhaps a nicer form might be collaboration. All these 'c' words describe very well what has been done and what is done on a very regular basis amongst nations with either just or, in this case, unjust goals.

In the case of Israel and the US, this has been done under the guise of policies such as 'dual containment', 'offshore balance of power', etc., and is now done under the guise of 'the war on terror' and 'spreading democracy'. Regardless of the guise, the end goal is hegemony and the means to that end is murder, generational genocide, ethnic cleansing, and nothing less. These means are facilitated through brute military force, severe economic oppression, and political sabotage. The primary players in the collusion (my final choice word here) are the Israeli and US administrations of the past two decades (or more), the neoconservative Christian and Jewish Zionist movements and, sadly, the compliant leaders in the Arab world who have been willing to sell their people and resources for personal gain.

The political leaders are simply corrupt, dishonest, murderous people who have achieved power by climbing over one another, lying to the public, managing consent through mass propaganda campaigns, and worst. The military leaders are often simply people in the process of climbing over one another, serving the political masters, in an effort to become one of them. The neoconservative civilian players that support, manipulate, influence and, at times control, the political and military regimes are long-term professionals who have clawed their way to the top by the very same process as the political and military leaders, gaining influence as they climb. Now if you throw in the concept of neoliberal economics you get another set of players, the corporations. For the most part, they are individuals who have followed the same dog-eat-dog tactics, and have found themselves able to insert themselves as players into roles involving the political, military, and neoconservative civilian triangle. And for all of the aforementioned parties, influence earns access, which begets increased influence, which earns greater access, and so on.

These churning wheels of abusive power, corruption, and the buying and selling of human souls has resulted in the transition of capitalism to the proliferation of global neoliberal economics. And in our case in point here, the players have been firmly entrenched in Washington and Tel Aviv for some time and their influence has taken such a firm hold of the prosperity, or lack thereof, of the region, that their agenda is beginning to unfold in horrific manners.

Israel's agenda specifically is to dominate the region (or, based on other quotes not included here, the world), establishing 'Israel' in an ever-widening expanse of land granted them by 'divine' proclomation, displacing and murdering the inhabitants, stealing resources, and making the Arab people subject to their whim.

Indeed, by the words of their own leaders:

“We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.”

Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat

“We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel… Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.”
Rafael Eitan, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." —Rabbi Yaacov Perrin

It is quite evident by the quotes of Israeli leaders and the trail of blood they've left that they intend to accomplish their goal by absolute brute force.

Over the past twenty years, due largely to the influence of the Israel Lobby and neoconservative forces in the US, the US has drawn itself directly in line with this agenda. This is clearly evidenced in US foreign policy decisions in the region and by reviewing such records as UN resolutions and vetoes, etc., the influence of the Israel lobby in US politics, and again, the trail of blood left in the wake of this (un)holy alliance.

In the past, at this moment and, most likely into the far reaching future, this does not bode well for Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Iran - and clearly Iraq and Libya - and not to include Afghanistan and Pakistan. All one must do to understand regional sentiment against Israel and the US is to consider the devestation of the people, the country, and the culture in Iraq.

Such consideration cannot leave one questioning why Iran is (and should be) seeking nuclear weapons; it is the only deterrent agains US and Israeli aggression. While this is one of the points where people get divided by the understable conflicting opinions of nuclear proliferation, the bottom line is that the US is not doing one thing to curb its own threat of the use of weapons of mass destruction, and Israel has overtly developed their nuclear program without any oversight whatsoever and in absolute defiance of the IAEA. One must not allow these conflicting opinions to develop into filters of division utilized by the powers that be to distract people from the issue at hand, which is the brutal nature that this alliance has caused in its collusive practices.

Furthermore, the increasing and inevitable support from regional powers for 'terrorist' groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas is and should not be surprising. These groups are no more fundamentalist religious radicals than Blackwater (XE) (a self proclaimed Christian crusade organization) or Zionist Israel. Moreover, these groups are nationalist and/or ethnic groups who are willing to fight and die for their people just as the US and Israel claim to be. Without going into whether these groups are more or perhaps less guilty of war crimes as the US and Israel, it is quite understandable why they exist and their objectives are as clearly understandable and, it seems to me, more rational and just than the sheer Zionist and/or neoliberal quest for hegemony. While Israel commonly uses the term 'self defense' to justify its aggression, it is quite clear that the regional powers that have been attacked by Israel and the US have been and are consistently in a position of needing to defend themselves.

Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan (and most other countries in the region) have, at various points and in a number of ways, made significant contributions to regional efforts to quell 'terrorism' (which might be better termed as a type of 'self defense' against terrorist states like the US and Israel) and have attempted repeatedly to engage in diplomacy, only to be put squarely in the crosshairs of the US and Israel. All of these countries have been the victims of military aggression, economic sanctions, and political isolation by the alliance. And the cost has been nothing less than the immediate and generational loss of countless civilian lives.

Ironically, the very aggression of the alliance, resulting from the collusion, the collaboration, and the conspiracy of the US and Israel - the militaristic, political, and economic oppression that the US and Israel believe strengthens them - is quite counterproductive.

If they were hoping to weaken Iran and Iran's regional influence, they have accomplished quite the opposite. The US and Israel refuse to give sincere consideration to legitimate regional concerns about interference and brutal military aggression, the theft of land and resources, the murder of innocent civilians (genocide, ethnic cleansing, collective punishment - all of the above and nothing less).

Anyone with even a sliver of common sense can see that the overt brutal aggression of the US and Israel is backfiring - and any true uprising in the region is one that should and does stand squarely in the face of the US and Israel and says "Get out, leave us to our own resources, that we might at last allocate such resources to the care of our own people - that we might battle as we may, but that we might come to the solutions of a people as one and without undue influence, meddling, occupation, and force."

The US should listen - and Israel should be left to deal with the consequences of the world it creates with its war crimes. There are international solutions and resources that might very well serve the regional powers and people, but these resources and solutions will not be brought to bear at the behest of the US and Israel, for the motives of power, profit, and hegemony - all brought to bear by military, political, and economic force - have shown their ugly heads in the bare light of day. And if humanity is to survive and if the best in human nature is to take the new day, then the US and Israel must take heed, reassess their position(s), disengage, withdraw, and take a bold step forward toward being true leaders of peace in the world of war they've created.

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