Thursday, February 17, 2011

Humanitarianism - A Work in Progress

In a time when we have, as a people, been bought and sold, convinced that our freedom comes at the cost of the blood of our fellow humans from all around the globe -

In a time when neoliberal economics have created private subsidies of mass segments of humanity
In a time when less than one percent of the world's population controls ninety-nine percent of the world's resources
When, as a people, we have

-watched from afar and turned a blind eye to the suffering of humanity -
-turned a deaf ear to our government's lies -
-become convinced that money is a resource and a solution and we have done our part through a monetary donation to a 'worthy' cause -
-been told that to question this in any way is unpatriotic -
-become apathetically complicit in our government's crimes -
-allowed ourselves to descend to 'believe' that our 'choice' is exercised along with our freedom to vote for this or that corporate politician who belongs to the current structure that is established and maintained by the wealthy elite -
-descended to mass consumerism that is nothing less than cattle to slaughter -
-allowed ourselves to believe those who would silence the voice of dissent by telling us that if we do not like things as they are we should leave, that we have no voice or right to raise our voice in light of all the things that strike us at the core with the conviction to act -
-looked upon the world, to Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, and others, and have been moved by the action they have taken to again Believe as they move in unity in the Faith of humanity -

It is in these times, as a people, that we must find a common vision that looks to the future, a true foundation on which to stand, and a way to functionally exercise the active process of Belief and Faith - For each of these concepts, Belief and Faith, standing alone, stand more together with the other, and are the process by which we come together and take action.

We stand to Believe that we have, through the common gift of our humanity, been given the Faith to stand and to determine and to act upon these convictions:

-that there is such a thing as an absolute truth
-that there is such a thing as an absolute lie
-that we have the ability to know the difference and the responsibility to act accordingly
-that our weakness is not our strength
-that our strength is not our weakness
-that if we love, it is better than to hate
-that if we give, it is better than to take
-that if we hope, it is better than to give up or give in
-that the world's resources are available for all to benefit
-that we have the ability to create focused solutions
-that there is no problem which cannot be solved
-that there is no hunger that cannot be fed
-that there is no thirst that cannot be quenched
-that there is no flood that cannot be dammed
-that there is no house that cannot be built
-that there is no crime that must go unpunished
-that there is no abuse that cannot be discovered
-that there is no justice that cannot be served
-that there is no lesson that cannot be learned
-that there is no prejudice that cannot be unlearned
It is with these things in our minds and on our hearts that we watch our government send out its envoys from the darkest corners of the world to the aforementioned various points of light in an effort to 'solve the world's problems' or, rather, to silence the world's voices.  It is with these things in mind that we seek first to require the simplest things of our government:

-to abolish corporate fundraising for and donation to political campaigns
-to abolish lobbying
-to establish public financing for political campaigns
-to establish and engage in referendum political structure

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