Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Generational Genocide

This was written in response to Selena, a Facebook Friend who commmented on the shared post regarding the US veto of sanctions against Israel for their continued settlement objectives on the West Bank.

You are absolutely right ...

(and) when you consider the economic sanctions, embargo, military support and more that the US has put in place to punish the citizenry of countries who failed to 'democratically' elect the right candidate, you see 'indirect' political intervention that is equal to nothing less than violations of every statute relative to the Geneva Convention(s), the Rome Statute, and multiple United Nations resolutions. What is tragic is that there is no international legal forum that has not been rendered impotent by the United States. The result of these actions has been counted in terms of civilian deaths of millions throughout the Middle East, North Africa, South America, Eastern Europe; add to that the countless deaths by starvation, cancers and generational defects due to chemical and biological weapons, concomitant death by the destruction of medical facilities, and we are talking about nothing less than absolute immediate and generational genocide.

Hegemony has been on the agenda and has been the driving force behind the doctrinal statements of every administration, particularly since World War II. The US, the only country ever to have used a weapon of mass destruction, strutting about the world with arrogance and indignation, telling others about terror and condemning those who fight back with all they have for the only thing they have left to lose; their dignity - their humanity. It is literally Goliath calling David a terrorist.

What Bush propagated with his 'War on Terror' created an open global field for warfare in what I believe is the US's final push for global domination.

I have been a political realist for many years and did not believe that I could be disillusioned by a disingenuous politician. I was wrong. What Obama has done is effectively marginalized a mass segment of voters who stepped up because we believed in change, we believed in hope. Now we have a presidential cabinet chocked full with corporate kingpins and military vultures. The gap between poor and rich, on a global scale, is going to swallow generations of our citizens, while our neoliberal neoconservatism blows the global gap even wider and thrusts countries into absolute slavery. I almost want to thank him, because we needed the final slap in the face with such a blatant political hand of hypocrisy. We need to gather the hope for change within the very heart of who we are as a people and join with the world in a united revolution for the hope of all humanity.

The US is being politically alienated throughout the Arab world, as it has been throughout South America. Until we, as a public, recognize that we can no longer remain complacent; until we recognize that we can no longer rest in the lap of apathetic luxury; until we recognize that we must make a stand - we are complicit in the crimes of our government.

I worry for the future of our sons, daughters, grandchildren - the future generations that have to live with the legacy of the vast population that buys into the lies that are fed through the mainstream corporate media.

I could go on and on, but you are absolutely point-on, and our only hope is to speak out, to educate ourselves, our children, and anyone within our sphere of influence, and pray that the revolutions of the world set spark and enflame humanity to the better part of each and every one of us and of all of us as a whole, that we might bring about a better world and that those whose worlds we have burned are more merciful and humane than the country to which we have wrongly pledged our allegiance. www.sterner7.blogspot.com

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