Thursday, February 17, 2011

Breaking Free

Such a vast array of indistinct possibilities lay before us. On a spectrum without ends is the delineation of obtuse and abstract reality, containing all that is, that which has been, much that might have been, and all that is ahead. We are told there is no truth other than perception and thus we are kept in the shadows of every perceivable truth.

Ah, the paradox of power and control, driven by the very insecurity, indeed absence, of its foundation. As long as it is kept looming before us, with our heads bowed to its will, our eyes fixed below, and our hearts forever bound to its foreboding, lying promise, we will continue to be enslaved and will maintain our conformity.

Let our gaze rise first to the horizon, without so much as a movement of the head, let us fix upon the reality that there is nothing between us and its ever reaching promise. Let us look left, right, then shifting our eyes below to where we have been, and above to the point above our brow from where we have been pulled headlong to slaughter, and return our gaze then to the horizon. When we looked right I saw you, and when we looked left, you saw me. On your right was another brother and on my left another sister. And as our gaze now returns its focus to the horizon let it culminate in the acknowledgement of the power of One.

Let us recognize that we have been shackled by our division, that we have been kept a unified ignorant mass, a willing conformant, a criminally compliant horde. The endless rhythm, the deep, steady rumble of pulsing humanity, the interconnectivity, the synchronized beating of the heart of one, is the power that lay in the unity of all humanity, beyond borders or boundaries, affiliations or parties, theologies, religions, denominations, philosophies, status or wealth; an ethnicity identified by our singular human nature, a body perfected by our compensatory whole imperfection, a belief devoid of its object by necessity, thus epitomizing the paradoxical truth that the only object that is true defines itself by the subsequent action that is the natural effect of the believing cause; and that Belief, that predominant cause, is the active process, the perfect attainment of the ever fulfilling eternal existence of Faith.

Sanctify with precision the necessity of cutting out the cancer that is capital, the yoke that is burdened consumerism, the very heart of which is fear. Take that which was defined as mine and make it yours, and all that was ours, make it theirs, and the suffering which was bestowed upon them, let us share, that we might know the sanctity of our promise and the truth of our conviction.

Trample disbelief, extricate confusion, illuminate darkness, visualize blindness, unify separation, disempower weakness, humble all pride, reinforce desire, fortify dominion, embrace one another, diminish division, focus vision, gather hearts, intensify love, bolster foundation, and Believe.

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