Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wrong of Right

After reading through a dialogue wherein pro-zionist rhetoric was regurgitated by elitist Americans (claiming to be 'progressive') who believe everything they're told while at the tourist consumer trough, I engaged in a somewhat defensive rant. It was a 'work' far from 'clean' writing, but it did make an effort to express the awful feeling that I get in the pit of my stomach when I hear yet another complicit apathetic complacent American justify and rationalize the generational genocide of the racist apartheid state, Israel.

I have cleaned up the writing a bit, but much more is yet to be done. Consider it a work in progress and, please feel free to comment, adding to what points have been made and casting light upon those that lay still, yet restless, in the shadows.

To start with, here are a few quotes that provide an appropriate backdrop to the generational genocide committed by Israel over the past sixty-plus years:

1."When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged roaches in a bottle." – Rafael Eitan, former Israeli general, former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces and later a politician, a Knesset member government minister.
2."One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." —Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994
3."We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own..." —Ari Shavat. Reproduced in the New York Times, May 27th, 1999.

And a single quote shared by many Jews throughout the world:
1.“I remain faithful to the horrendous suffering of my late parents, yet – the Nazi holocaust has long ceased to be a source of moral or historical enlightenment; it has become a straight out extortion racket; a handful of American Jews have effectively hijacked the Nazi holocaust to blackmail Europe.” The Holocaust Industry, Norman Finklestein


Israel is a murderous racist apartheid state and must be humbled - to the point where it exists as an ancillary portion of Palestine - as the world tears down walls and builds alliances, Israel victimizes Palestinians and Jews alike, creating a torn nation of victims.

Akiva Eldar, Noam Chomsky, Ilan Pappe, Norman Finkelstein, and so many, many more Jews that speak out against 'Israel' - and, as Chomsky so accurately paraphrases the official position of the Israeli power-mongers; 'if you speak out against Israel you must be either anti-semitic or a 'self-hating Jew''.

Yes, anything the Palestinians do or have done to seek their own freedom is, in my mind, justified; we can argue all day long over which crime is more horrendous than the next.

Here are some basic humane questions that are deflected by common politically bent idolatrous citizens of the consumer world and questions that are ignored and/or dismissed by all bureaucratic, corporate world politicians:
1.What would you do when someone rapes your wife, your children, beats you, steals your land, and confiscates your property, causing you to live in a refugee (concentration) camp?
2.Who would you be if this were the environment in which you had lived your entire life? How 'just' will you be, if justice is a concept you can grasp beyond the hypocrisy with which you've seen it applied throughout your life?
3.How peaceful will you become after making concessions for sixty years, watching your country shrink and cower beneath an illegal occupation mandated by powers that exert their will by force?

Israel is a rogue state whose time is limited, whose power will ultimately be proven impotent, and who will, if she has her way, drag the US with her into the abyss. Never in history have two nations collaborated more more consistently and more overtly toward the destruction of humanity. FREE PALESTINE.

And this is not rhetorical.

Stop. Think.

Truly have in your mind someone you love, if you know such a person at such a depth - someone for whom you would actually give your life without so much as a fraction of a second thought. Then imagine that person butchered before your eyes, your hands tied defenseless while the cries of the victim are met with laughter, their begging met with rape, beating, and chastisement. If you feel an ounce of rage, if you feel horrified, if you feel so deeply sad that you cannot imagine your life beyond that moment, then you are human. Then you are Palestine.

Now tell me how you would react to someone touting their safety, their 'freedom', their 'choice', their prideful arrogant defense, as they handed the raping murderous butchers more weapons to further denegrate you, your family, your loved ones. If you cannot consider what it would be like to have these people taking your prideful defense from you - if you cannot understand the concept of universalism - that which applies to them applies to me as well - then you stand with the majority of Americans who have no true point of reference other than blatant nationalism, 'patriotism', and bloodlust. The US arms the world and watches it writhe in its warfare.

Hamas, Palestine, and all the regional lands that have been butchered and/or prostituted by Israel SHOULD resist, should not 'compromise', should stand and defend themselves against the systematic genocide that has been inflicted by this Zionist nation that claims its right based on religious prophecy - they should claim their right to their homes, to their freedom, to all that has been not just stolen from them, but that has been taken from them as generations of hope have been spit upon, pissed upon, and raped right before their very eyes. They have been compromised by other nations, other political forces, and by their own leaders who would sell them out to Israel for over sixty years; they have been sold out by everyone, the US, Israel, and THEIR OWN.

A question denied all indigenous peoples of the earth:

What right has anyone else to your resources, your minerals, your labor, your youth - your humanity?!

Unify. Stand, once and for all, and demand the peace that you deserve. Demand, indeed, to settle your own affairs, your own differences, the right to self determination and self defense. And do not for another moment allow some imperialist empire benefit from the bloodlust of division into which you have been cast.

Since the US is so content with providing Israel with BILLIONS of dollars in economic aid in addition to the BILLIONS of dollars in weapons, planes, ships, helicopters, in addition to the MASSIVE diplomatic support, then the least the US could do is level the playing field - it's what the US does in so much of the world - spread out the arms, pit everyone against one another, and capitalize on the instability.

The US should arm Palestine - the GREATER Palestine, which includes the lands that have carried the burden of the refugees and that are the GREATER Palestinian homeland.

If the US didn't make whores of the nations in the region - Egypt, Jordan, Syria - then Israel would not be able to continue its racist apartheid genocidal practices - they would be forced into the position of diplomacy rather than rhetoric, of peace rather than war.

Actually research this issue and you will quickly recognize the disparity between traditional history and reality. Those who have the weapons and the wealth write history. Reality is lived by those who bear the burden.

America, America, if you are ever to be something other than an impotent empire of brute force, you will awaken and demand what is not necessarily your right, but that which has, as a result of the position at which you have arrived by brute force, become your responsibility and your only hope of arriving at a point beyond the impotence of force; a power that could rule the earth with peace, with a force that would be reckoned with only for the betterment of humanity - not as it is, which is a force that lusts for power, that wallows in greed and avarice, and that prostitutes nations and enslaves the poor.

The pendulum on which all things are gauged is swinging evermore, and America is but a complicit society of cattle at the consumer trough, believing it is so much better than others, while it is the detriment, the darkness, of all that is light.

Its people are apathetic, drugged, consumer tourists who believe the world's purpose is to hand over their resources and serve them.

To believe the US supports democracy - moreover to believe that the US and/or Israel is a democracy, is to regurgitate the lies you've been fed through the filters by which you are managed.

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