Tuesday, May 3, 2011

American Hysteria ad nauseam

One Way Church Street America Pouring Beer Draped in Flags Sieg Heil Peace is War Ignorance is History Minus Education with Degree Sold Out Bought Paid For Head Down to the Consumer Trough and Get Me Some of That Million Dollar Sports Hero ...Super No One Failed State Blood Oil Bloodlust War Machine Caterpillar Boeing XE Haliburton Prison State Institutional Racism Child Murder Assassination Pride Nationalism Drunk War Two Day Synagogue Alley Pakistan Spilled Blood Fallen out Medal Praise Who War is Peace Knowledge isn't Education Plus Ignorance without Papers Bought In Zero Pataca Gladiator Yes None Succeed One Adult Love Diplomacy Humanity Sober Resource Indigenous Hope Help Hurt Lost Found Given Lost Taken Bring it Back Never Was Should Have Been Might Not Be Never Been Will Go Inside Out Eternity Finite God Atheistic Holy War Regurgitate Parrot Speak Silence Cry Out Knees Bent Fallen Up Stare Sky Pour Reign Royal Death Wedding Divorce Widowed Bride Bloody Groom Dark Side Deaf Moon Soil Genetic Demon Seed Plant Uproot Despotic Peasant Field Disgraced Child Bring Back Truth From the Sacred Burial Ground

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